5 Things to Bring to Prepare to Pee Outside


Learning out to pee outside as a woman is one thing, but knowing what to pack with is another. Here are 5 things to pack when you head out camping or hiking that will help make peeing outside easier!

What to Bring to Pee Outdoors



TP or Pee Rag: a reusable pee rag is a great, environmentally conscious choice!

Plastic Bag for TP and tampons: to make things easier, you could go with a menstrual cup for hikes.



Hand Sanitizer: this one feels obvious. We need to clean up after we go!

Female Urinary Device: if you are feeling adventurous, this is the way to go!



Trowel: this is for burying menstrual blood or solid waste

For a full guide to learning how to pee outside on hikes as a woman, swipe up!

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