5 Tips for Peeing While Hiking for Women


Learning how to pee outdoors as a woman is very helpful if you camp, hike, or backpack. Here are six expert tips for learning how to pee outside as a woman with female body parts.

How to Pee Outdoors as a Woman



Away From High Traffic Areas: this might be obvious, but stay away from water sources, trails, and campsites.

Finding The Right Surface: always check for dangers like poison oak, cacti, snakes, ledges, loose gravel near said ledges.



Face Downhill: Your pee is going to be headed straight down the hill so hopefully your feet are not in that line of flow.

Clear The Line Of Fire: Reach down and grab your pants and panties that are in front of your crotch and pull them up to ensure they are clear of danger!



Squat And Swat: If you are having a hard time balancing, get comfy by placing the other hand on a tree for some balance support or use it to swat away mosquitos.

For a full guide to learning how to pee outside on hikes as a woman, swipe up!

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