7 Beginner Tips for Your First Backpacking Trip


There are quite a few rookie mistakes you can make on your first backpacking tip. Here are 7 of the best tips for your first backpacking trip for an enjoyable and safe beginner backpacking trip!

Beginner  Tips for Backpacking



Forget the Poncho: Do yourself a favor and opt for a seam-sealed, rain jacket and a pack cover.

Use a Mens Sleeping Bag if You're Tall and Run Warm: Men's sleeping bags are longer, so if you are a tall woman, opt for one. But get one rated for colder temps if you don't run warm.



Get Fitted for a Backpack: Just because you are a size Medium in tops DOES NOT mean you need a Medium pack. Packs go off of torso length.

Get Fitted for a Hiking Shoe/Boot: Your trail foot size is larger than your standard size. Opt for a size larger than your everyday shoe and get properly fitted.



Invest in Proper Base Layers: These will make all of the difference. Do you research and get quality base layers in order to not freeze your ass off.

Get a Full Length Sleeping Pad: My very first sleeping pad was a 3/4 length pad which means it stopped at around my knees. It was not only uncomfortable, it was freezing not having that insulation down by my feet!



Invest in Hiking Poles: They are not just for "old people". They will save your joints and make your hike much more enjoyable.

For the full list of 22 rookie mistakes I made during my first backpacking trip, and how to not make them yourself, swipe up!