Best Benefits of Camping Alone

Camping alone is a wonderful experience for many reasons. Here are four of the top reasons why you should go on a solo camping trip and why camping alone can be really fun!

Best Parts of Camping Alone


Solo camping can be scary for women because we’ve been told never to do things alone. However, as a woman who has camped alone for years, solo camping is fun to exercise independence while experiencing the great outdoors.


Choosing your itinerary. Is no one free or interested in joining you at that amazing campsite? Go by yourself!

Improving your mental health. There are many psychological benefits to being in nature, like feeling more peaceful and unplugging from all that screentime.



Taking time to process and think through a situation. You’ll naturally have time for reflection when you’re alone in a beautiful place. Use the time to yourself.

Increasing your strength and independence. If you’re ready to feel more independent and adventurous, one night outdoors will do that.


For a list of fun things to do when camping alone, swipe up!

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