Best Things to Know Before Buying Hiking Boots

Knowing what to look for in good quality hiking boots that will last you years is important. Here are the top things to know before buying your first pair of good hiking boots.

Things to Know About Hiking Boots



Get Clear On The Type Of Hikes You Plan On Going On: This will help you decide on boots vs. trail runners.

Get Your Feet Measured: Either visit an outdoor gear shop where you can have a professional measure your feet or you can do it yourself which is a little trickier.



Go Up One Full Size: Keep in mind that your feet are going to swell when you are hiking and you are going to be wearing awesomely thick hiking socks.

Be Sure To Properly Lace Your Boots: People can also smash their toes in while hiking because they didn’t lace their boots properly.



Know How A Hiking Boot Should Fit: Remember, your feet are going to swell so that will take up that little bit of wiggle room.

Notice How Your Foot Moves Within The Boot As You Walk: Check if you are getting any heel lift. This is a problem that can create a big, nasty blister on your heel.



Break Them In Slowly: Start off with something short like 1-3 miles.

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