7 Tips for Keeping Your Tent Dry While Camping in the Rain


Camping in the rain can either be miserable or cozy, depending on how you’ve prepared. This article features seven ways to keep your tent dry in the rain before, during, and after your trip outdoors.

How to Keep Your Tent Dry



Waterproof Your Tent: The most important thing to keep your tent dry in the rain is waterproofing it.

Know Your Weather: Before heading out, check the local forecast to see if you’ll be camping in the rain.



Bring A Tarp: As a Californian hiker, I have never used or seen a tarp used in the wilderness, but tarps are common among hikers in wetter regions.

Use A Tent Footprint: A ground cover, or tent “footprint,” is a surprisingly effective way to keep your tent dry inside.



Keep Items Dry Inside Your Tent: Creating a system to keep your clothes and other essential items dry is critical outdoors.

Location, Location, Location: For example, I’ll walk around the grounds to look for flat, higher-elevation areas, ideally under trees.



Wipe Off Your Tent: If you’re camping in the rain or need to dry off your tent, backpack, or shoes, use a Swedish dishcloth or Turkish towel.

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