Fun Things to do When Camping Alone

Wondering what to do on a solo camping trip? Here are some of the best activities and ideas for spending time alone when going on your first camping trip by yourself that will keep you busy!

What to do on a Solo Camping Trip



Make A Campfire: As a solo woman camper, starting a fire was one of the defining moments of my independence.

Read In A Hammock: There are few things more relaxing than curling up in a hammock with a book, which is the ideal solo camping activity.



Write In A Journal: As a solo camper, you’ll have a lot of time to think, so why not take advantage and bring a journal to write down your thoughts?

Netflix And Chill: After a strenuous day of hiking or putting up camp, relax with some TV. Fun fact: I once watched Schitt’s Creek to sit out a storm in my tent.



Play Table Games: Why not take advantage of your free time to play a board game?

Go Fishing: Fishing is one of the most well-suited activities for solo campers because it’s relaxing and can be done near most bodies of water.



Practice Night Photography: When you’re camping alone, there’s a lot of time for practicing night photography, a fun thing to do after dark.

For the full list of fun things to do on a solo camping trip, swipe up!

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