How to Pack Up a Wet Tent the Right Way

Wondering how to pack up your tent after a night of rain? Here are some expert tips on how to pack up a wet tent the right way that will help the longevity of your tent.

How to Pack a Wet Tent



Take advantage of solar power. If the sun is up when you wake, take your fly off right away and spread it in the sun.

Use a pack towel. A lightweight, quick-dry pack towel is a lifesaver. If the sun isn’t working fast enough, use your towel (not a sock or a t-shirt) to swipe off the last few droplets.



Bring a trash bag or watertight roll-top bag. If you do have to pack your tent away wet, at least keep it fully separate from the dry stuff.

Dry-as-you-go. If the weather isn’t favorable when you break camp, keep your fly on the outside of your pack and wait until the weather clears up a bit later on.



Be strategic with your breakdown. If it’s still misting or damp out when you begin to break down your camp, do as much as you can under the rain fly and poles first.

For a list of tips for preparing your tent for rain, swipe up!

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