How to Prepare Your Tent for Camping in the Rain

Camping in the rain is something you might not be able to avoid as an avid camper. Here are some pro tips for camping in the rain when it comes to setting up your tent the right way to prepare for a night of rain.

Tips for Preparing Your Tent for Rain



If you’re expecting serious rain, perhaps don’t pitch your tent at the bottom of a slope or within close proximity to a stream or runoff area.

Choose an area that has some natural shelter, like tree cover or overhanging rocks if possible.



If it is not insanely windy or leaving you too exposed, choose a spot at a slightly higher rise or elevation than other areas nearby.

Stake your tent, fly, and guylines properly to direct runoff away from the tent.



Check your zippers and vents. If it’s expected to rain sideways, you can use all the protection you can get.

Ensure your tent footprint is the correct size for your tent. Your ground cloth should be 2-3” smaller than your tent’s footprint



Pay attention to where moisture is coming from, and if you know you have a weak area or small tear in your tent, repair it ASAP, before your next storm.

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