Top Rated Rock Climbing Apps

Wish you could keep track of every climb you’ve done outdoors? Or even just keep track of the climbs you’ve done in the gym? Here are the best rock climbing apps to keep track!

Best Rock Climbing Apps



Mountain Project: Think of it as the Yelp of rock climbing routes.

Gaia GPS: Whether you’re backpacking, day hiking, or looking for that tucked away crag, this app is excellent for downloading topo maps onto your phone.



Climbing Weather: I know this might come as a shocker to you, but it’s a weather app.

Rakkup: Rakkup is basically like a kindle app for rock climbing guidebooks.



Knots 3D: With a library of over 135 knots, you can practice perfecting your knots.

MyClimb: Keep track of your gym climbs, outdoor climbs, find climbing partners, and compete with your friends on MyClimb.



Carin: This is one of those apps that you hope you never really need to use.

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