What to Bring to Poop Outside


Learning how to poop outside while hiking or camping is one of those things to one wants to do, but has to do. Here is a list of what to bring to make pooping outdoors easier and less stressful while hiking.

Must Have Gear for Pooping Outside



Trowel: Trowels are your little shovel friends that help you dig a hole to poop in. Be sure to look for a trowel that is small and lightweight.

TP: You can bring a mini TP roll made for hikers, a small package of tissues, napkins from fast food restaurant, a folded up stash from a big TP roll at home, or use a bandana as a pee rag.



Small Bag To Pack Out Toilet Paper: Try using a bag that has a zip seal. Bonus points if it’s repurposed packaging that you can’t see through.

Wag Bag: Wag Bags are these nifty little bags that allow you to pack your waste out when digging a cat hole simply isn’t an option.



Hand Sanitizer: Use hand sanitizer to disinfect your hands in lieu of soap and water.

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