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Katie Schreffler

I am a freelance writer, photographer, and nature enthusiast. I hold a B.S. in nursing and specialize in Emergency medicine. As an avid traveler, I have solo backpacked Europe and Southeast Asia. One of my goals is to visit every US National Park. My passions are travel, climbing, diving, cooking, reading, art, and conservation. I am always on the lookout for the next adventure.

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Sonja Lind

I enjoy long walks up the sides of mountains, especially when those mountains are here in California, where I live. In addition to hiking and backpacking, I love running, writing, and constantly dreaming about my next adventure, which will likely take me abroad. If you want to learn more about me and my adventures, feel free to visit my website at SonjaLind.com.

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Former Owner Information

I’m just an ordinary woman committed to living an extraordinary life; a no-regrets kind of life full of epic adventure, world travel, and leaving everything a little better than I found it.  

It’s my mission to inspire & show you how to add more backpacking, rock climbing, conscious adventure travel, and sustainable lifestyle tips into your life— no matter what your budget or experience is. 

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You can probably find me getting dirty in the backcountry, climbing up some rocks, planning my next travel shenanigans, or doing my best to live plastic-free. 

The truth is: I never grew up going for hikes, traveling, or going to the mountains. In fact, I was an indoor kid, home watching Disney channel reruns all day.

In 2011, I backpacked through the wilderness of California for nine weeks (with no clue as to what the hell I was doing) and my life has never been the same. 

There’s just no going back after experiencing something as wild + free as that

Since then, I have been backpacking, rock climbing, canyoneering, surfing, traveling, adventuring on two wheels, and living abroad with a hunger to do more, learn more, and see more. 

Since 2011, I’ve been staying dirty by:

  • Thru-hiking the John Muir Trail.
  • Backpacking all over the west coast including:
    • Havasupai Falls
    • Yosemite
    • Big Sur
    • Death Valley
    • Lost Coast
    • Big Pine
    • King’s Canyon
    • Catalina Island
    • Joshua Tree
    • Sequoia
    • Zion
  • Rock climbing all over Southern California, Thailand, Laos, Mexico, and Vietnam.
  • Canyoneering throughout Southern California & Zion National Park.
  • Adventure traveling all over Bali, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, and Alaska.
  • Embracing solo female travel throughout Southeast Asia for a year.
  • Worked as an outdoor gear specialist for 6+ years.

This community is for the women just beginning their journey in the outdoors, travel, or a sustainable lifestyle. It’s also for the radical women that have been at it for years, and all the ladies in between. I see you, girl!

How can I help you fulfill your dreams of adventure and travel so they feel less daunting & are approached in a respectful way towards the Earth and all of it’s lovely creatures?

I want to help you experience your first wilderness backpacking or climbing adventure with confidence and stoke. As well as help those seasoned backpackers and climbers venture forth into their next trip more sustainably along with more resources, knowledge, and conservation tips under their hip belt.

How can I help you live life with less plastic and more adventure?

How can I help you save your time and money investing in that gear the first time? Anyone else have a too-large-of-a-collection of gear trying to find that perfect one? Yeah I’m guilty too. 

How can I help you plan for the most incredible thing you have ever accomplished?

These are my questions to you. 

I don’t subscribe to living an ordinary life. And if you have made your way to this blog, I don’t think you do either. 

So put the kettle on, make yourself a cup of tea, and come hang out and learn about rock climbing, responsible adventure travel, the constantly evolving world of outdoor gear, and zero-waste living.