Why I Quit Job, Bought A One-Way Ticket, and Started a Blog

Have you ever bought a one way ticket to another country with no freaking idea of when you might return home? Yeah, I just did that…

Traveling for long periods of time has always been one of those “someday” things in my mind.

I’ve always imagined my life as being unconventional; full of freedom, epic-ass adventures, multiple languages, and some serious world traveling.

Not the relax-on-a-resort-beach-and-sip-cocktails-for-a-week type of travel. But the live-like-and-with-the-locals, learn-the-language type of slow-travel.  

Let’s be real. It’s been a rough year to say the least.

I think this is what’s known as hitting a rock bottom. There’s nothing like losing control of your health to make you realize how the opportunities you have today may not be there for you next year. Nothing in life is guaranteed. The time is always now.

Dealing with an undiagnosed case of candida & a brutal hormone collapse, I racked up thousands of dollars of medical bills trying to figure out what the actual fuck was going on with my health.

Why was I waking up every morning feeling like I got hit by a train & couldn’t eat anything without the need to be horizontal afterwards?

Sprinkle on top of that emotionally toxic breakup and a corporate job that was sucking the life-giving sparkle out of me.

It’s been an exhausting year of facing the rawest parts of myself amidst the struggling pursuit of success. 

I like to think of my life as a book. The protagonist is going to go through some nasty and horrendous things! That’s what makes it so interesting, right?

If they just laid in bed and cried all day sulking in the cards they’ve been delt, that would be a really boring story that no one would ever read.

Hell no! That crushed, hot mess of a human musters up every measly ounce of hope and courage within them and commits to something great in order to overcome their challenge.

What plot twist can I commit to that will breathe new life into my journey and inspire others to do the same?

I sat and asked myself some seriously uncomfortable and introspective questions.

Brutal honesty was the name of the game here.

What do I actually want in life?

What brings me the greatest joy?

When have I been the happiest?

Memories of staying in a cozy, little woodland yurt in Talkeetna, Alaska came to mind as a grin crept upon my face.  

Our airbnb yurt in talkeetna, alaska

Thoughts of mountain biking through the mountains and lush, green rice terraces of Bali, Indonesia flooded my mind as an even bigger smile. 

Mountain biking in bali, indonesia

Then I remembered days where my friends and I woke up way too damn early on a Sunday to go find hidden waterfalls or rappel down red, slot canyons .

Oh the wonderful sport of canyoneering: where the risk level is high & quality of beta to find the damn canyon is low… but for some reason I keep coming back for more.

Canyoneering in zion national park

Freedom to travel and freedom to adventure is what fuels this girl’s flame. 

I want blue-water waves for breakfast and a feast of woodland mountains for dinner.

I’ve had way too many wild adventures outdoors and traveling and thought, “This would be a hilarious documentary or book”.

So why not share?

This blog is a commitment to share these adventures, epics, travels, destinations, honest thoughts about gear, outdoor adventure traveling to my heart’s content, and cultivating a badass community.

I’m sure you have some wild stories as well. In fact, I know you do. And I want to hear about them.

Please don’t hesitate to send me a funny, terrifying, thought provoking, reality shaking, or profound-in-any-way story. This is a place to inspire, inform, and always keep it real.

I know I’m not the only one that makes these kind of moves.

How long will I continue to travel? Only time will tell. America is an amazing country to travel and adventure! The mountains just might pull me back sooner than expected, but I’m more than cool with that.

The ultimate adventure is one that’s organic in it’s intention and unfolding.

So here I go, with a one-way ticket to Thailand.

As a reset. As a commitment to travel, adventure, and courage. As a commitment to live my best damn life!

This blog is a pledge to contribute to something much bigger than myself. It’s a commitment to help you write your most epic and authentic story.

Have you ever hit a bottom where everything in your life seemed to collapse all at once? What did you do to rise up?

How did adventure play a part in the renewal of your life?

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