I tried out the Coalatree Baseline Midlayer, and here’s my honest review!

I am an avid mountain and adventure girly, currently residing in northern New Mexico. The American Southwest affords plenty of opportunity to get out into gorgeous mountainous terrain, sprawling deserts, canyons, crags, and geologic masterpieces.  

From the desert to the peaks, good quality gear is essential to having a comfortable and safe adventure. When that gear is eco-friendly, sustainable, and produced by companies that value preserving and protecting the environment that I get to enjoy, that is the cherry on top. 

I reviewed the Coalatree Baseline Midlayer, a technical layer made from coffee & plastic. It performed in various environments and checked every box.

I wore this jacket while hiking, snowshoeing, rock climbing, and even out downtown. I had so much fun trying it out. Any excuse to get out into the mountains and have a little adventure, eh? 

Read on for my honest opinion and review of the Coalatree Baseline Midlayer!

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My Experience 

My Honest Opinion

I reviewed the Coalatree Baseline Midlayer, size small, color Brick. Coalatree is an environmentally friendly company and is a huge advocate of environmental practices and sustainable initiatives. The jacket was created from spent coffee grounds and recycled plastics.

I ordered a size small, which is a super comfy fit. However, I am 5’0” tall and have a short torso so it is a bit long on me. I think I would order an XS next time, just for personal style and aesthetics.

Versatile, lightweight, breathable, and moisture-wicking, the Baseline is stylish, durable, and functional in any situation.

The Baseline Midlayer is super soft and water-resistant. It has large zippable pockets, a hood, and thumb holes in the sleeves. It is lightweight, packable, and great as a mid layer or top player depending on the temperature! 

Honestly, because this jacket is so comfy and versatile, I wear it all the time now. It’s great for throwing on over yoga pants and a sports bra when heading to the climbing gym, running errands, hiking, or snowshoeing a mountain top. 

I loved testing out this product and would gladly buy more of their clothing to wear on my adventures. I plan to take this jacket with me to South America in June as a lightweight option for hiking in Peru. 

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How I tested out the product

The night I received the package in the mail I had tickets to the Banff International Mountain Film Festival, and it was raining, so what a perfect opportunity to try out this super cute water-resistant jacket. 

Embodying their slogan MTN2CTY, I headed to downtown Albuquerque for the Film Festival. I felt cool and confident, even in an urban setting, wearing the Baseline. It was the perfect jacket to wear while watching the films. I was so inspired, and I could not wait to get out into the wilderness myself and put the Baseline to the test.

It is warm yet lightweight enough that it can be worn by itself in cool weather, and layered for colder weather. 

The jacket is super comfortable and soft on the inside. It has a quilted texture and is surprisingly warm for how thin it is. The Baseline is not bulky at all, so it fits nicely under a coat which is perfect for altitude and weather changes.

The Baseline is lightweight, yet super warm and can be layered or worn on its own. You can layer it under a bigger jacket as I did when snowshoeing after a 24-inch snowfall at the top of the Sandia Crest.  While hiking through the forest, and along the Crest, I even got warm enough, despite the 26* weather, that I unzipped both of my jackets. The material is moisture-wicking and is a great option for treks where you end up sweating.

You can also wear the Baseline Midlayer by itself. I wore it as a main layer while hiking in the Jemez Mountains. It is light enough that I wore it to cut the wind in the valley, where it was much warmer than on the mountain. Even as I ascended in elevation to where snow was still on the ground, the jacket kept me nice and warm, and dry.

The unassuming jacket has so many nice little features, which make it really handy to have on any adventure. 

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The Baseline Midlayer


  • Made from Recycled Coffee and Plastic
  • DWR Coated
  • No Microwaste When Washed
  • Antimicrobial
  • Packable
  • Honeycomb Fabric
  • Waterless Dye
  • Double Reinforced Stitching
  • Hidden Secure Pockets

The Baseline Midlayer has been created from recycled coffee and plastics. A sustainable clothing option that helps reduce the amount of plastic waste on the planet. Since Coalatree implemented their coffee technology they have saved 139,878 plastic bottles and 82,301 cups of coffee grounds from landfills. 

The honeycomb fabric is durable and super soft and maintains its shape over time and throughout washing. The fabric is antimicrobial and does not hold smells like other materials might, which is great to have on long hikes, while camping, or doing a strenuous activity where you end up sweaty and let’s be honest, a bit stinky.  

The jacket is DWR coated, which provides stain resistance and repels water but is still breathable. 

Due to the tightly woven structure of the material, the guilt-free fleece does not shed microplastic when washed, which keeps the water systems free of any excess microplastics that may not get caught in filters and end up in the ecosystem. This is an issue that is garnering more and more attention as we see microplastics in everything now, from deep sea fish to the human body. 

 Coalatree also implements a waterless dye system. This technology reduces the amount of water needed to dye materials and saves water throughout the production process!

It is easily packable and can be stuffed into its own pocket, and it has a carabiner loop for attaching to any bag, so you always have an extra layer on hand.

The full zip layer has large packets with nice zippers and a hidden pocket for anti-theft protection. 

There are thumbholes in the sleeves, which keep the sleeves in place and prevent them from riding up or bunching, especially when layered. I absolutely love this feature and it is especially useful during physical activities such as hiking, snowboarding, etc. when I’m laying clothes. Bonus, it keeps the top of my hands warm!

Coalatree is an environmentally friendly company and is a huge advocate of environmental practices and sustainable initiatives. The jacket was created from spent coffee grounds and recycled plastics.

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Care & Details

To care for the Baseline, machine wash cold, inside out. Tumble dry on low. Do not iron and do not dry clean.

As described on the tag, my Baseline was made from 10 recycled plastic bottles, and 3 cups of recycled coffee grounds. 

It was responsibly made in Vietnam.

Who is Coalatree, as a brand?

Coalatree originated as an organic farm, but they wanted to expand and design their own workwear. They first launched their clothing line in 2010 which was based on the practice of integrating sustainable practices and quality products. 

Coalatree prides itself on being for everybody by bringing the elements of the outdoors and city life together. From the full-time adventurers to the weekend warriors, this brand has clothing that suits your needs and allows you to easily transition from the wilderness to the city.

Coalatree lives its values by giving back to the environment and community, both locally and globally. 

They use surplus fabric from their Kachula blankets and repurpose them into waterproof blankets for the homeless in their town of Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Coalatree partners with local nonprofits in an effort to help the homeless by way of advocacy, clothing donations, and food pantries. 

They also partner with local groups to help maintain hiking and bike trails, wild spaces, and local waterways.

As a nature advocate, Coalatree understands the importance of nature in one’s life and how it can change your life for the better. As such, they support organizations that promote this such as the Anasazi Foundation, a non-profit wilderness therapy program for youth.

“We at Coalatree understand the healing, calming, and restorative powers of nature, and we support like-minded organizations that do the same.” – Coaloatree.com

Organizations they support:

  • Adopt-A-Native-Elder Program
  • US Forest Service
  • First Descents
  • The Road Home
  • Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors Worldwide
  • Cottonwood Canyons Foundation
  • Crossroads Urban Center
  • The Christmas Box International
  • Anasazi Foundation
  • The Boys & Girls Clubs
  • Save Our Canyons
  • Outsiders Ball
  • Utah Diné Bikeyah
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Would I recommend Coalatree Products?

 I love that Coalatree is an eco-friendly company that makes sustainable clothing options from recycled plastics and coffee. I am a huge advocate of supporting eco-friendly, sustainable companies that are making a difference through production practices and action. The environmental initiatives it applies include using recycled materials, green facilities, sustainable production methods, and tree-friendly packaging. 

This company is run by dedicated outdoors people who are out in the world living what they preach and making a difference. They know what kind of products and features are needed because they are out in nature, enjoying the natural world, and caring for it.

Their products are high-quality and perform well in different climates and situations. 

The Baseline Midlayer is super soft, looks great, and is functional which is everything I want in a technical layer. 

The Baseline is an amazing addition to my gear closet, and I would recommend this brand to my friends, family, and any outdoorsy person that wants eco-friendly products that perform and look great while doing it. 

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