Silverwind Review: My Honest Opinion on the Sustainable, Eco-friendly Activewear!

As a world traveler, scuba diver, rock climber, yogi, adventure enthusiast, and all-around outdoors person, the ideals that Silverwind embodies and represents really hit home for me. I was excited to find an activewear brand that promotes environmental awareness and reduces ocean plastic pollution. Their products, which are made from recycled plastics, are delivered in 100% plastic-free packaging. The materials are made from recycled polyethylene tetraphyte (RPET), which has been recycled, reprocessed, and contributes to reducing plastic pollution.

Scroll on to read my honest review after trying the leggings, shorts & sports bras from Silverwind. 👇💛

But, which is Silverwind Brand?

Silverwind is a female-owned eco-friendly activewear company that prides itself on ethical practices and supports the view that diversity, fitness, and sustainability shouldn’t be mutually exclusive. Silverwind has been building an environmentally friendly brand, which was founded in 2020, and living their motto “Move with us, Stand with nature, Live without limits”.

 The company prides itself on educating the community and organizing events and campaigns to promote environmental awareness. Silverwind contributes to the community as an activewear brand encouraging sustainability and representing the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

My Honest Opinion & Experience


silverwind sustainable activewear packaging

To begin with, the product came delivered in a compostable mailer. Inside was a hemp drawstring bag labeled with their motto. I appreciate the plastic-free packaging, as it can be so difficult to order something these days without it coming with excessive plastic. Per their website, 6,528 plastic bags were saved in 2022 by using plastic-free packaging. Additionally, each product includes a tag that has a handwritten number of how many plastic bottles were collected and processed to make the garment. I love being able to see that the products I am using are actually making a difference.

Product Testing

I received 4 products in my order. Two matching sets, the Violet Moonlight set, and the Meadow set. I immediately had to try them out and let me tell you, the material is buttery soft and feels sooo good on my skin. I wore these sets at the rock climbing gym, bouldering in the mountains, to yoga, hiking, weight training, daily walks and just relaxing. Honestly, these are my go-to now. I wear them all the time. I even wore the Meadow sports bra with some high-waisted jeans and a cardigan, which turned out adorable and I felt so cute and comfy. 

The pieces are breathable, moisture-wicking, stay in place during movement, hold up during activity, and are so soft on the skin

Katie Schreffler

My Opinion

Overall, the leggings, shorts, and sports bras I received are beautifully designed, soft, supportive, and comfortable. I can wear them for any type of activity, or even just lounging around the house or curled up with a good book. 

The pieces are breathable, moisture-wicking, stay in place during movement, hold up during activity, and are so soft on the skin.  The designs are vibrant and adorable, and you can wear them as a set to make a statement or wear the pieces separately. 

The cherry on top is knowing the brand is sustainable and reducing ocean pollution. An absolute win-win. I am a big fan of supporting brands that are environmentally friendly and make a difference. I love these products and would definitely recommend them, and plan on purchasing more in the future.

Honestly, these are my go-to now. I wear them all the time

Katie Schreffler

Violet Moonlight Collection

Violet Moonlight high-waisted leggings

The Violet Moonlight high-waisted leggings, size small, were created from 23 plastic bottles. This product matches the sports bra, and it has a layered multicolor, purple and pink pattern with a moon design on the left thigh. They come up to about the naval. I am pretty short, 5’0” and while they are slightly long, I would say they fit well. 

The material is a bit see-through, so I recommend wearing nude seamless panties to prevent them from being seen. The material is extra stretchy yet stays in place and doesn’t bunch up or slide, which is a great aspect. If you’ve ever had leggings that tend to slide down you know how annoying it can be, especially if you’re having to pull them up after every yoga pose. They have double stitching on the inner thighs and provide strength, durability, and comfort. I even fell off a rock while out in the wilderness and injured my foot, but the leggings did not rip or tear. Talk about testing out a product.

Violet Moonlight Strappy Sports Bra

The Violet Moonlight Strappy Sports Bra size small has a super cute pattern and was created from 16 plastic bottles removed from the ocean. I love the strap design in the back. The only thing that could be a bit better is that the bottom edge sits a little awkwardly due to the cut of the material and the elastic. It is not very noticeable though and it looks great when worn.

I wore the violet moonlight sports bra while bouldering in the mountains. Just like the leggings, it is soft and durable. It fits well and doesn’t ride up. I’m not having to pull it down, adjust it, or mess with the straps, even in awkward positions during yoga or while climbing walls. It feels really nice to work out in, and I didn’t even think about it while I was bouldering and climbing because it is so comfortable and supportive.

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Meadow Collection

Meadow sports bra

My favorite item is the Meadow sports bra, size small. It was also created from 16 plastic bottles, in an effort to reduce ocean pollution. It has a great cut and a super cute pattern. I love the colors which are light yellow with poppy flowers and green leaves. The fabric is a bit thicker than the twilight set, and oh so soft.

I wore the Meadows sports bra to the rock climbing gym, while hiking in the Jemez Mountains, and while bouldering. The fit is nicely and it provides support and coverage. It is comfortable to climb in, where there is a lot of movement, and it doesn’t roll up or twist so it’s great for intense physical activity. It doesn’t rub and there are no pressure points or gapping areas. I would wear this every day if I could, I absolutely love it. It has removable pad inserts, and overall provides support, and stays in place whether I am rock climbing or in downward dog. 

silverwind clothes when climbing indoors

Meadow V-front High-waisted shorts

Product number four is the Meadow V-front High-waisted shorts, size small, created from 18 recycled plastic bottles. The fabric is breathable and moisture-wicking. These shorts are made from the same thicker material as the Meadow sports bra. I even tested these light yellow shorts out with black underwear and you could not see through it. I’m giving these shorts a score of 10/10.

 If you’re like me and have powerful thighs, the shorts do tend to roll up because they are so form fitting. This has always been a struggle for me and can’t necessarily be avoided, but ordering a size up for thick thighs may help mitigate the problem. Besides that, they are complimentary to my body and its curves, look super cute, and make me feel like a confident powerful woman.

silverwind meadow sport bra and shorts

I would wear this every day if I could, I absolutely love it.

Katie Schreffler

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Details & Care

  • Each product has the silver emblem of the Silverwind brand on the back, and then on the inside is printed “Silverwind living sustainably; size small;  made from recycled, plastic bottles; wash cold and hang to dry; made in China”. The fabric holds up in the wash and doesn’t shrink or fade when handled correctly as written on the label. Wash cold, and hang to dry. 
  • Each tag also has a QR code which leads you to the Silverwind Instagram page. Their page showcases their many colorful designs, the activewear in motion, and highlights inspiration and real reviews on their products. 
  • The Silverwind website details how their products are made and the environmentally friendly production process. As stated on their website, the small business was started by working closely with a family-owned small factory in China, to offer affordable sustainable options, while creating meaningful content for education, and working with sustainable organizations and charities to make positive impacts. 


 In 2022, Silverwind recycled 82,688 plastic bottles to make their fabric which is certified Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex, which means their clothes are free from harmful substances including arsenic, lead, phthalates, formaldehyde, and pesticides. 

Their fabrics are also verified with the Global Recycle Standard which means the recycled materials are made in a sustainable and ethical way.

 Additionally, Silverwind acknowledges the issue of overproduction in the fashion industry and produces limited amounts of products. They use production analysis to analyze whether items should be restocked and the appropriate amount to produce to avoid unnecessary waste.

In 2022, Silverwind recycled 82,688 plastic bottles to make Oeko-Tek certified fabric.

Katie Schreffler

Would I Recommend Silverwind Clothes?

I am a huge fan of this brand. I love that their products are sustainably made, and their focus is on providing quality products that are cute, functional, and promote an active lifestyle. Knowing how many plastic bottles were recycled to help reduce ocean pollution is a big deal to me.

As a passionate ocean lover and adventure girly, I like to be environmentally aware. It makes me feel really good to use a product that I know was made by a company that cares about the environment and is aware of how significant the issue of ocean pollution is. I am a huge advocate for conservation. 

I recently came back to the States after backpacking Southeast Asia and living on the island of Koh Tao, Thailand for several months. Koh Tao is an island in the Gulf of Thailand that is surrounded by incredible coral reefs and one of the best places in the world to scuba dive. I spent a lot of time underwater, doing clean-ups, and learning about sustainability and conservation. As someone who grew up on the ocean, and by gaining more awareness through travel and adventure, living sustainably and taking care of the earth and its oceans is a subject that has my heart. 

Finding a company that supports these ideals and is actively implementing them in its production process makes me very happy. As a nurse, I am a huge supporter of fitness and health, and Silverwind aligns with my values on every level.  I can confidently say that they are a brand worth buying from. Wearing their products on my adventures makes me feel confident, cute, and supportive of a brand that is making a difference.

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