16 Things Climbers Can Do At Home When You’d (Obviously) Rather Be Rock Climbing

As rock climbers and vertical explorers, there’s no doubt that we would rather be outdoors getting dirt under our fingernails and our daily dose of Vitamin D.

Whether you’re home because of the weather, a pandemic, or it’s simply a Tuesday night and you have work in the morning, there are tons of things climbers can do at home.

Things climbers can do at home when you'd rather be outside climbing

Start new climbing projects that can improve your climbing abilities, help you be more organized, or simply get pumped with inspiration.

Here are some fun and useful things climbers can do at home to avoid losing your mind or breaking your kitchen cabinets.

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Clean and repair your climbing gear.

When was the last time you washed your rope? Seriously. 😜

Washing your rope is more than just keeping things pretty, it’s actually a safety precaution.

When dirt gets in between the fibers of the rope, it acts like sandpaper and will start to degrade the fibers of your life-line, your climbing rope. 😱

YouTube video

Grab ya rope brush here. 👇

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Organize your climbing gear.

We could all use a little more organization in our lives, right?

One of the most productive things climbers can do at home is organize our freaking climbing gear.

Here’s some inspiration and ideas to get your wheels turning and your draws organized.

Things climbers can do at home | organized rock climbing gear
Repurpose an old bookshelf. I mean, who needs a bookshelf when you have GEAR to organize?!
Things climbers can do at home | pegboard rock climbing gear organization
Pegboard inspo by @mjustem

Find more inspiration on my Gear Storage Pinterest board. Try not to drool. 🤤

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Read a rock climbing book.

Making time for your climbing education is another one of the productive things climbers can do at home to progress in the sport and increase their chances of staying safe.


The Rock Warriors Way: Mental Training For Climbers by Arno Ilgner

514qur9k+ql. Sl250Ir? T=adventurema01 20&language=en us&l=li3&o=1&a=0974011215

This is, hands down, one of the best climbing books for your mental game. Learning how to control our mental state as climbers is huge when it comes to progressing and growing in this sport, and frankly, it just isn’t talked about enough.

This book offers “step-by-step guidance on motivation analysis, information gathering, risk assessment, mental focus, and deliberate transition into action.” This is a must read!

Rock Climbing: The AMGA Single Pitch Manual (How To Climb Series) by Bob Gaines

81yfwyqk9nl. Sy522Ir? T=adventurema01 20&language=en us&l=li3&o=1&a=0762790040

This is actually the textbook for the AMGA’s SPI course. Even if you don’t have plans on ever being a rock climbing guide or taking the course, it’s a fantastic book for all climber’s on their climbing education journey.

It includes chapters on teaching in the outdoor environment, risk management, professionalism, environmental awareness, and rescue. I come back to this book time and time again as it gives the “most current, internationally recognized standards for technical climbing systems used in single pitch rock terrain.”

Climbing Memoirs

Alone On The Wall by Alex Honnold

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In case you haven’t heard, Alex Honnold free soloed Yosemite’s El Cap in three hours and 56 minutes. With no rope, no partner, and no protective gear, National Geographic called it “the greatest feat of pure rock climbing in the history of the sport”.

Alone on the Wall depicts Alex’s first hand experience of what Outside magazine called “the moon landing of free soloing…a generation-defining climb. Bad ass and beyond words…one of the pinnacle sporting moments of all time.”

If you’re curious as to how Alex mitigates risk, deals with fear, and controls his mind and body when free soloing, then this one will be page turner for you.

High Infatuation: A Climber’s Guide to Love and Gravity by Steph Davis

41p6patbu3l. Sl250Ir? T=adventurema01 20&language=en us&l=li3&o=1&a=1594850658

What’s it like to have a climbing obsession completely take over your life?

High Infatuation goes beyond gear and climbing routes. It’ll bring you insight of what it’s like to be a woman whose chosen the life of being a committed climber over the typical path.

A collection of short essays that’s part climbing adventure, part poetry, and part travel memoirs.

All That Glitters: A Climber’s Journey Through Addiction and Depression by Margot Talbot

41cx5r clgl. Sl250Ir? T=adventurema01 20&language=en us&l=li3&o=1&a=0987304615

“In All That Glitters: A Climber’s Journey through Addiction and Depression, world-class ice climber Margo Talbot shares her compelling story of healing and self-discovery amid the frozen landscapes of the planet. Rescued from the depths of drug addiction and crime by the lure of climbing frozen waterfalls, Margo rises from the brink of suicidal depression in a jail cell to being envied by a client in Antarctica for having a “dream life.”


Training for the New Alpinism: A Manual for the Climber as Athlete by Steve House and Scott Johnson

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If you have any big peaks on your summit list for the next year, then this book is a must-read to help you put together a training plan for your big alpine objectives.

This book is the perfect comprehensive guide for every mountain climbing athlete, from the amateur alpinist to the seasoned mountaineering athlete.

I’m a total exercise science nerd and can say that this is book is legit.

The Rock Climber’s Training Manual by Michael L. Anderson PhD and  Mark L. Anderson 

51muqp3qhwl. Sl250Ir? T=adventurema01 20&language=en us&l=li3&o=1&a=0989515613

The Rock Climber’s Manual has hundreds of illustrated exercise techniques to help you get stronger and avoid those dreaded injuries. The training programs and strategies are thoroughly researched and proven to be effective for all varieties of climbers.

This book has exercise programs tailored for all climbers, whether you’re into bouldering, sport climbing, or traditional climbing.

Step Up Your Rock Climbing Fitness

YouTube video
A 6-minute climbing workout for those days you’re in a pinch or feeling lazy. Pull-up bar needed.
YouTube video
Balance out your strength and muscles with a PUSH workout.

Do some yoga for climbers.

Get your muscles warm, joints ready to move, and most notably, get your mind right. Here’s a yoga flow for rock climbers that works great as a warm up sequence.

YouTube video

If y’all haven’t checked out Yoga with Adreine yet, check this girl’s channel out. She’s awesome and also has a super cute doggo who hangs out during her yoga sessions. The sequence she shares here is all about coordination, balance, flexibility, and stability. Thanks Adriene. 🌻

YouTube video

Here’s a good shoulder and hip opener. This sequence even has some foot stretches. 💛🦶

YouTube video

Study a specific climbing technique.

What are you currently fascinated with or trying to improve? Off-width climbing? Slab technique?

Take this opportunity of being at home to do some research and get educated on the technical side of rock climbing.

YouTube video
Up your crimp game with better body positioning
YouTube video
Improve your footwork
YouTube video
How’s your overhang game going?

Get inspired by some awesome rock climbing photography.

Irene Yee | @ladylockoff

Screen shot 2020 03 20 at 9. 08. 16 pm
Photo by Dylan Mitro
YouTube video

Not only is Irene a super freaking rad climbing photog, but she’s also legit hilarious, experimental with her art, and unapologetically lets all her special-ness hang out in the best way. 💕

What’s even cooler, is that she teaches climbing photography clinics. 🤩 Check them out here. 👈

Things climbers can do at home | rock climbing photography inspiration
Things climbers can do at home | woman taking a fall while lead climbing
Things climbers can do at home | woman traditional rock climbing placing a large camelot
Photos by Irene Yee
YouTube video

Who’s your favorite climbing photographer? Comment at the bottom of the post so I can add them here.

Create some rock climbing art.

Dust off your watercolors or grab the nearest pen and sketch out:

  • your favorite crag or national park
  • piece of gear
  • that favorite picture of you and your friends from your last climbing trip
  • a climbing system
  • a climbing knot
  • a climber who inspires you
  • you climbing one of your bucket-list routes
  • Leave No Trace Principle with a climbing twist to it

Here’s some climbing art to get you inspired and creating:

Things climbers can do at home | rock climbing art inspiration
Ascending Aquarius by Marine of Constant Climbing

Check out Marine’s stunning climbing artwork. She has an incredible art series combining climbers and zodiac signs together in a beautiful world of ink and watercolors.

Things climbers can do at home | rock climbing art inspiration
by WildSliceDesigns on Etsy

See more Outside Inspired Art here on Pinterest.

Learn a new rock climbing skill.

Rope backpack, anyone?

YouTube video

Plan your next rock climbing adventure.

Thinking of climbing at the famous Green Climber’s Home in Laos? Or maybe you’ve been dreaming of climbing a multipitch up a massive, limestone cliff jutting out of clear, turquoise water in Tonsai Bay, Thailand?

Or maybe there’s a crag a few hours away from your typical climbing spot that you’ve been wanting to check out but haven’t got around to…

This is your time to research.

Get the beta on Mountain Project. Get a guide book, whether that’s researching the local climbing shop so you can pick one up when you’re in town, buying a used guidebook online, or borrowing one from a friend.

Build a home climbing wall.

YouTube video

First of all, if you haven’t already subscribed to Breaking Beta on YouTube, do yourself a favor and do it. Breaking Beta has great, high-quality climbing videos to inspire your training and outdoor adventures.

Okay, so you’ve always wanted to build a home climbing wall but never got around to it, right? Yeah, I think that goes for all of us who are obsessed with climbing things. 😉

Here’s your opportunity to research, plan, and order whatever you need.

You know I’m all about a good DIY climbing project so be sure to send me your project on instagram!

Increase your finger strength with hangboard training.

Behold, the hang board: helping climber’s around the world develop mega finger super strength. 💪

YouTube video

In this video, Geek Climber takes his first go at training with a hangboard and sees some pretty great results from it.

If you’re new to hang board training, check out the video to get a basic training program and some beginner-friendly tips.

Also, props for the baby blue slippers protecting the doorway, bro. Genius! Gotta get that deposit back. 💸

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Do a climbing DIY project.

One of the more creative things climbers can do at home, is to jump into a DIY project like :

  • weaving a rope rug
  • upcyling a rope into a dog leash
  • making your own skin repair oil for cracked cuticles #chalklife
  • sewing a chalk bag from upcycled fabrics or an old toy
YouTube video

Watch a climbing movie.

There are tons of awesome and inspiring rock climbing movies.

Here are a few to get you going on your climb night movie marathon.

  • Valley Uprising (2014)
  • The Dawn Wall (2018)
  • Dirtbag: The Legend of Fred Beckey (2017)
  • Meru (2015)
  • Free Solo (2018)
YouTube video

If you haven’t already seen Valley Uprising, start there. If you’re anything like me and obsessed with the 70’s, the counterculture roots of rock climbing, and appreciate creative editing and rock n’ roll- this one’s for you!

Discover a new crag snack or lunch.

Ask for your friends about their favorite craggin’ meals or do a little Pinterest searching to find delicious new recipes that are packable and outdoor-friendly.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m guilty of packing PB & J’s on some gluten-free bread way too often as my lunch on the days I head out to the crag. 🙈

Give back to the climbing community.

One of the most kind things climbers can do at home is to give back to the climbing community.

  • Become a member or donate to the Access Fund.🧗🏽‍♀️💛
  • Sign up for a stewardship project with your local climbing conservancy group.
  • Research the needs of your favorite local crag and ask if there’s a way you can help.

As you can see, there are so many fun and useful things climbers can do at home. Let me know what your favorite at-home activities are in the comments below and I will happily add them.

I 💛 you and I hope you’re finding things to stay happy and healthy at home.

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