Zero waste bathroom swaps under $15

Zero Waste Bathroom Swaps Under $15

Our bathrooms are a mecca of plastic, and often toxic, products. Not only are the products harmful to our health and the health of our family, but all the plastic packaging is having a massive, detrimental effect on our planet.

Let’s vote with our dollars and show companies we’re not messing around when we say we want less plastic and more biodegradable products!

Here are some of my favorite budget friendly zero bathroom waste swaps you can add to your amazon cart next time you place an order.

Diy non-toxic citrus multi-purpose  cleaner recipe

DIY Non-Toxic Citrus Multi-Purpose Cleaner Recipe

Common chemicals found in commercial cleaners are no joke and can present nasty health risks with repeated exposure. Citrus is a great all-natural ingredient to have in your zero-waste cleaning arsenal. Citrus fruits like lemons, limes, and grapefruits contains a natural solvent called d-limonene that works wonders when it comes to cutting grease and washing away dirt. Not to mention the citrus smell is refreshing and can help neutralize the vinegar odor in this recipe.