Best Eco-Friendly Rock Climbing Gifts & Gear

If you’re ready this right now, it’s probably because you love playing outdoors and protecting the outdoors- or you know someone who does! 😉

Check out this list of eco-friendly rock climbing gifts & gear! Be sure to let me know if you use any of these or know of something eco-friendly and rad that should be on this list. 🙌

What does it mean if a piece of gear is Bluesign Certified?

Have you found yourself checking out a new rock climbing harness or a bright, clean rope and noticed it has the Bluesign certification?

Bluesign certification - eco-friendly rock climbing gifts and gear

Awesome, this is your sign to high five that manufacturer. They have to meet consistent and uncompromising investigations to prove their responsible use of environmentally friendly materials and sustainable practices.

Responsible usage of materials, water, energy, and chemicals is ensured for the safety of the product customer, the workers involved in production, and the environment.

The purpose of Bluesign Certified gear is to hold brands accountable for the environmental and social impact of their products.

If you’re going to be in the business of making things, we want to know that those things have been made sustainably and safe for all people in every step of the process.

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Okay, let’s get into the best eco-friendly rock climbing gifts and gear! 🌏♻️🧗🏻‍♀️

Eco Rock Climbing Shoes

La Sportiva Mythos Eco Climbing Shoes

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The Mythos is the most comfortable climbing shoe I’ve have worn before.

Hands down. It’s a game changer.

This iconic rock climbing shoe is great for long multi-pitch days, crack climbing, and fits a wide variety of feet.

This Eco Mythos version uses repurposed leather on the upper.

Your feet are going to love you for this one. Trust me!

Classic eco-friendly rock climbing gift! 👌👌👌

Eco Rock Climbing Ropes

EDELRID Eco Boa 9.8mm Dynamic Climbing Rope

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  • Each rope is slightly different in color because it’s made with recycled materials ♻️
  • Minimized sheath displacement & increased rope durability.
  • Price-performance ratio is on point.
  • Thermo Shield treatment to ensure that the core and sheath yarns are perfectly balanced.
  • 3D lap coiled so you can use it straight away, without kinking and tangling.
  • Bluesign certified ✅


Black Diamond Solution Harness

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  • Designed for ultimate comfort
  • Four pressure-molded gear loops for easy transfer of gear
  • Bluesign certified ✅

EDELRID Jayne III Climbing Harness

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  • Small waist belt pocket for storing an RFID chip
  • 4 symmetrical, high-strength gear loops
  • 2 attachment options for ice screw clips
  • Chalk bag loop made from bluesign-certified materials
  • Textile abrasion protector made of a combination of Dyneema and polyester for a longer tie-in point service life
  • Bluesign certified ✅

EDELRID Ace Ambassador Climbing Harness

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  • Designed for demanding routes on rock and ice 😅🧗🏻‍♀️🧊
  • 4 symmetrical, high-strength gear loops
  • 2 attachment options for ice screw clips
  • Chalk bag loop
  • 3D-Vent Lite technology: good fit and comfort via HDPE (High-Density PolyEthylene) webbing in waist belt and leg loops that spreads load and ensures maximum breathability without adding bulk
  • Lightweight
  • Bluesign certified ✅

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Rock Climbing Chalk & Accessories

Mammut Boulder Brush Micro

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  • Plastic-free 🙌
  • Natural hair bristles
  • FSC-certified wood (Forest Stewardship Council) ✅
  • Perfect for both indoor and outdoor rock climbing

Psychi Wooden Brush

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  • Strong wooden handle, longer lasting than plastic handles.
  • Large naturally durable Boar Hair bristles clean grime and chalk off holds with ease.
  • Ideal for cleaning chalk, grease and rubber off climbing holds for a better grip. 🤘
  • Can be used at an indoor wall or at the crag.

Pur Chalk

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  • Keep your hands dry while protecting the rock. Pur Chalk coats your hand with an ultrafine layer of Magnesium Carbonate that keeps your hands dry and sticky. No more sweaty palms and greasy hands. 😅
  • Made from 100% Pure Magnesium Carbonate with no fillers or drying agents for maximum sweat absorption. Pur Chalk is packaged in a re-usable, re-sealable, and recyclable bag for your convenience. ♻️
  • Don’t ruin the surface of rocks by leaving white marks all over the rock face. Preserve the beautiful rock face for generations to climb and enjoy. Also works great for weight lifting, gymnastics, workouts, and cross fit. 💪🏋️‍♀️
  • Specially formulated color with natural pigments to blend into all types of rocks including: all Limestone, Sandstone and Granite surfaces. ⛰
  • A perfect mod-friendly rock climbing gift!

Cotopaxi Halcon Chalk Bag

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  • Each chalk bag is totally unique and one-of-a-kind! 🌟
  • Main body is made of recycled nylon fabrics! 🤩♻️
  • Soft fleece lining. Structured rim opening.
  • Double belt loops add stability. Elastic brush holder. Waist belt included.
  • Super soft fleece lining. Structured rim opening.

SKINourishment ClimbOn Original Bar

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  • The classic climbOn Lotion Bar provides intense skin nourishment in some of the harshest conditions whether you’re on the rock, trail, slopes, or road.✨
  • The solid, dense consistency bar easily rubs onto the skin or can be densely packed into seriously dry or abused skin to provide moisturization and nutritious skin fuel. 🥰
  • This lotion Bar contains food-grade essential oils, beeswax and plant ingredients that work quickly on fingers, hands, feet, face, and other sensitive areas of high activity, friction & abuse. 💓👐
  • We test our products on athletes (ourselves), not animals. No ingredient or product from climbOn is ever animal-tested. 🐰💖

climbOn All Purpose Creme

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  • One of my personal favorite post-climbing rituals. This stuff is basically skin magic. 🥰
  • This unique, undiluted dense lotion delivers intense skin nutrition with pure beeswax and plant ingredients like rose hip seed oil, shea butter, and neroli oil.🌹
  • climbOn Crème is not diluted with water, alcohol, or other fillers it a dense & concentrated ointment to help repair dry and damaged skin; a little bit goes a long way. This stuff will last you a long time!
  • The thinner crème for an easy application on larger areas of high friction or chafing, to help soothe the skin on the face, and to nourish cracked skin on fingers, hands & feet. ✨

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Eco-Friendly Clothing for Rock Climbers

Yoga Democracy – Clothing Made from Recycled Water Bottles

Sustainable activewear rock climbing clothing for women

Yup! This super cute top is made out of recycled water bottles! ♻️ It’s one of my go-to climbing tops!

I freaking 💓 love 💓 Yoga Democracy clothing because:

  • Fabrics are made from recycled plastic water bottles and plastic ocean pollution sourced from the US. 🤩
  • All Excess materials are collected and repurposed to create a zero waste, closed loop manufacturing process. ♻️
  • Eco-friendly, non-toxic dyeing process that produces fade-free, bleed-free vibrant color with no white on stretching. 🌈
  • Sweat-wicking and antimicrobial (aka keeps the stankiness at bay) 😅
  • Activewear made in the USA 🇺🇸
  • Eco-Friendly Packaging 🌎
  • Sweat Shop Free 💛
  • UPF Protection 🌞
  • Super Cute 🌼

Be sure to use code “WILDFLOWER” to save some dollars on your order on support my super awesome sustainability + adventure blog! 🥰

PrAna – Eco-Friendly Rock Climbing Performance Wear

Okay, straight up- prAna clothing is amazing! 🤩

All of my prAna clothing has kept up for years, and has been through the wash at least a million times after getting gnarly on some epic ass adventures.

I absolutely love the quality and the socially responsible + eco-friendly materials, manufacturing, packing that prAna uses! 🥰

Pretty sure like half of my wardrobe is prAna! 😂 AND no one has ever been less than stoked to get some prAna as a present! #truestory

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prAna – Women’s Kanab Climbing Pants

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These pants are PERFECT for climbing, hiking, and other outdoor and shenanigans.

They’re also casual enough to wear on the daily. Eco-friendly athlesuire for the win!

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I hope you found some inspiration for some dope eco-friendly rock climbing gifts!

If you know of something super awesome that you think should be on this post, please drop it in the comments below so I can add it!

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Eco-friendly rock climbing gifts & gear
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