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What are the Leave No Trace 7 Principles?

8 min read

With outdoor sports like hiking, climbing, and backpacking becoming increasingly popular every year, it’s more important than ever to be mindful of how we’re effecting outdoor spaces.

The better we can adventure in alignment with the Leave No Trace 7 Principles, the better we can minimize our impacts and protect our precious outdoor spaces.

Diverse and Inclusive Outdoor Podcasts Hosted by Women That You Should Check Out

6 min read

The outdoors is for all of us regardless of our skin color, class, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, what our bodies looks like, or what they’re able to do.

Here are a few diverse and inclusive outdoor podcasts sharing a wide spectrum of outdoor narratives about connecting with the outdoors from a diverse community of women.

How Long Does It Take For Paper To Decompose: 5 Reasons to Pack It Out

4 min read

Let’s give back to the beautiful outdoors by packing out ALL of our trash and starting conversations with our friends to do the same.

To ensure long term sustainability for our public lands, packing out all toilet paper is a necessary practice so we can enjoy our wild spaces for generations to come.

Here are 5 reasons to start packing out your toilet paper instead of burying it!

Women’s Climbing Events & Courses Every Female Climber Should Know About

11 min read

Are you wondering how to start climbing outside in a safe and smart way? Do you feel ready to take your climbing game to the next level? Perhaps you’re completely enamored with rock climbing and want to be a certified rock climbing instructor?

These climbing festivals, events, and courses are the perfect gatherings for you if you’re looking for female climbing partners, mentors, or an inclusive climbing community who you feel comfortable around and want to share your climbing stoke with.

However you’re looking to take your climbing pursuits to the next level, here are some rad women’s rock climbing events and programs created to help you do exactly that.

Zero Waste Bathroom Swaps Under $15

7 min read

Our bathrooms are a mecca of plastic, and often toxic, products. Not only are the products harmful to our health and the health of our family, but all the plastic packaging is having a massive, detrimental effect on our planet.

Let’s vote with our dollars and show companies we’re not messing around when we say we want less plastic and more biodegradable products!

Here are some of my favorite budget friendly zero bathroom waste swaps you can add to your amazon cart next time you place an order.

30 Zero Waste DIY Projects with Video Tutorials

11 min read

Going zero waste can seem overwhelming and nearly impossible in a culture where buying and throwing away a coffee cup every single day is so normal that nobody bats an eye or even questions the sensibility behind it.

Here are some step by step video tutorials on small changes you can try out in your life to make a big difference in the amount of waste you create.

DIY Non-Toxic Citrus Multi-Purpose Cleaner Recipe

3 min read

Common chemicals found in commercial cleaners are no joke and can present nasty health risks with repeated exposure. Citrus is a great all-natural ingredient to have in your zero-waste cleaning arsenal. Citrus fruits like lemons, limes, and grapefruits contains a natural solvent called d-limonene that works wonders when it comes to cutting grease and washing away dirt. Not to mention the citrus smell is refreshing and can help neutralize the vinegar odor in this recipe.

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Hey you! Welcome to my little arête on the internet! This blog is for wild women doing wild things including backpacking, rock climbing, low-waste living, protecting wild spaces, and sustainable adventure travel. My mission is to bring you radical resources and inspiration to add more adventure and less plastic into your life. I don’t subscribe to living an ordinary life. And if you have made your way to this blog, I don’t think you do either. Dare to live wild. See you outside!

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